30 July 2023

Signing Off

Carbon Conversations has been updated and replaced by Living with the Climate Crisis.

All the CC materials are still available on the archive page of new website.

The project is managed by the Climate PsychologyAlliance

Members of the CPA have access to a news and discussion network including a “Living with the Climate Crisis” group. Join here

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the project, facilitated or participated in a group over the last 16 years.

13 May 2023

"Living with the Climate Crisis" gets off to a good start

 The launch in April got the project off to a great start, with over 250 people attending from across the world, from the UK to Australia. If you missed the launch and would like to catch up, you can view the recording of the event here

We’re gradually getting news of people beginning to run groups, with one planned in the Netherlands starting in July, others in the UK starting in the autumn. We hope to  feature news of what you are doing in regular updates on the new website.

The CPA is organising a number of experiential workshops coming up in June, July and September for people who wish to facilitate as well as monthly mentoring and support sessions for facilitators and those planning to facilitate. See here for more info and booking.

17 March 2023

We are delighted to announce our new project:

Join us for the online launch of Living with the climate crisis on Monday 17 April 19.00-20.30 UK time – find out more and book here.

This new project is run by the Climate Psychology Alliance on a new dedicated website, https://livingwiththeclimatecrisis.org, where you can view, read and download the new materials free.

At the launch, authors Rosemary Randall, Rebecca Nestor, Daniela Fernandez-Catherall and Andy Brown will introduce the new materials, talk about the thinking behind the project, and answer your questions.

The new materials provide guidance for a series of group meetings which help people respond to the climate crisis, both personally and collectively. They focus on:

  • support and understanding
  • communication
  • finding pathways to carbon reduction and community and political action

The groups provide a space for people to talk, to share, to express what they feel and to reflect. They offer tools, ideas and skills. They emphasise our shared humanity, our interdependence and the need for a collective response. They are rooted in psychological understandings of our distress, of our difficulties in communication and of each person’s need to find a place in a bewildering array of possibilities for action.

This launch event is part of the ongoing support and development that the  Climate Psychology Alliance will provide to facilitators who wish to use the materials and run groups.

Living with the climate crisis is intended to replace the old Carbon Conversations project but the old materials will remain available for anyone who still wants to use them and we will shortly be moving them to an archive page on the new website.

Please share and circulate this information to your networks.

29 June 2022

Living with the climate Crisis

 We announced in March that we were developing the successor to Carbon Conversations. It now has a name. The new groups will be called Living with the Climate Crisis.

Ro Randall, Rebecca Nestor, Daniela Fernandez-Catherall and Andy Brown have almost finished a first draft of the new materials for facilitators and are currently running a pilot group.
The Climate Psychology Alliance, who are going to support and host Living with the Climate Crisis, are seeking funding to enable the creation and design of the new materials and a simple website to enable them to be downloaded. Of the £3,000 needed for this, Cambridge Climate Therapists have pledged  £1,500 which they have raised through consultancy work. The Climate Psychology Alliance need to raise the rest by crowd funding.
They have a crowdfunding page for you to support the project:

It would be great if any members of the existing Carbon Conversations community feel able to donate. 

08 March 2022

We're Updating Carbon Conversations

We have some big news about Carbon Conversations. Contrary to everything we have been saying since 'In Time for Tomorrow' came out we have agreed to update the materials, transforming Carbon Conversations to meet the needs of the 2020s.


31 October 2021

Rose's Carbon Conversation

Carbon Conversations Torono's latest newsletter says:

We understand this news can be overwhelming and leave you unsure of what to do. Our Six-Week Sessions offer a venue to help you explore and work through some of that climate anxiety and distress, toward climate action.

Rose Barcarse, a past participant of our Six-Week Sessions, recently shared her experience and what participating in CCTO’s flagship program meant for her. Watch the full interview between Rose and CCTO co-founder Amy Castator to hear her story.

24 September 2021

New podcast on climate grief


podcast Ro Randall on Climate Grief at https://www.yourbrainonclimate.com/1817605/9191869-grief-with-ro-randall

This recent podcast in Dave Powell’s ‘Your Brain on Climate’ series, where he interviews Cambridge Climate Therapists’ Ro Randall on Climate Grief, may be of interest. 

Rosemary recently recorded this podcast for Dave Powell. Dave is a wonderful interviewer and manages to give this difficult subject the seriousness it needs while at the same time injecting a great strand of his infectious humour into the conversation.

The rest of his series is pretty interesting too - he's got Andrew Simms on Change, Kimberley Wilson on Food, Adam Corner on Risk and many more to come.

Check it out!